Valuasi Ekonomi Hutan Wisata Kota Dumai Propinsi Riau

Nuryasin Abdillah, Mubarak ', Thamrin '


The research result shown that the direct use value consist of economic value ofwoods in the Resort forest of Dumai for bandwidth of 3.298 acres is Rp8.649.994.400. With the value NPV within 25 years is Rp 78.454.488.312,11.Economic value of cord wood itself within 1 year is Rp 388.756.500. While theeconomic value within 25 years is Rp 3.466.901.293,70. The economic value ofdecorated plants is Rp 608.415.040, with NPV within 25 years is Rp5.495.376.545,72-. The economic value of fauna is 330.030.000,-, Value NPVwithin the next 25 years is Rp 1.109.457.677. The economic value of medicineplants within 25 years (NPV) is Rp 10.043.360.612,61. Meanwhile indirect use valuewhich is consist of economic value of carbon absorption of the forest is Rp51.824.772.000, Value of NPV within 25 years from that carbon absorption is Rp470.388.298.259,56 and the economic value of the existence forest of Dumai is Rp49.266.513.000,-. The value of existence forest of Dumai within 25 years withdiscount factor 10% is Rp 447.148.724.859,53. Total economic value resort forest ofDumai is Rp.112,177,938,617 and Value NPV within 25 years with assumptionsteady price and with rate of interest 10% is Rp.1,017,970,152,600.

Key words : Economic validation, Resort forest Dumai, Benefit, Productivity, contingen.

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