Perkembangan Perikanan Budidaya dan Kontribusinya di sektor Pertanian Dalam Perekonomian Kabupaten Lima Puluh Kota Sumatera Barat

M. Ramli


This research aims to see fishery development and the parts at agriculturalsector in Lima Puluh Kota regency economics. Analysis results is known during fivedevelopment the last year aquaculture area decreased, but so the productionincreases.Pool vast average goes down 0,85%, minapadi go down 36,27%,karamba go down 19,72%, longyam go down 6,68%, temporary production increases13,06%. Year 2007 fishery product 6.137,8 tons with products values Rp114.049,30,- million or as big as 7,86% from agricultures totals products values (Rp1.451.373,73,-).Fisheries subsectors contributions in PDRBs 2,72%, equalbuildings sectors contributions (2,85%) above financial, rental, company sectorcontribution (2,47%, and electricity, gas, clean water sector (0,43%

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